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Commercial Environment

WLQY’s advertising clients receive premium spot placement. Client commercials run immediately after the Station ID at the top of the hour and are one of only four commercials in the break.

Benefits of Advertising on WLQY

1Reach a Specialized Community

2No waste in advertising schedule

3Premium spot placement

4Immediate response

The Miami AND Ft. Lauderdale Haitian market has over $1 Billion in annual Buying Power

Each client has its own, very unique, and very specific need and reason for advertising on WLQY.

  • Promote
  • Business
  • Ideas
  • Organization
  • Concept
  • Advertise
  • Events
  • Products
  • New or Old Business
  • Discuss
  • Ideas
  • Issues of Social or
  • Economic significance
  • Politics
  • Religion

Some of our clients


Restaurants | Travel Agencies | Delicatessens

Independent Newspaper and Magazine Publications


Doctors | Lawyers | Counselors

Government Funded Groups and Organizations

Social or Community Service Groups

Religious Groups

Churches | Associations | Pastors | Evangelists